Ep 25: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Part 2)

We continue E.T.! Andy falls off a bike! Joz shouts at the government! Pitr buys weed! Jon blows up a car!

Jon Miller – E.T.

Andy Hoover – Elliott

Pitr Strait – Michael

Jocelyn Vammer – Gertie

Paulo Quiros – DM

7 thoughts on “Ep 25: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Part 2)”

    1. Hi Ralph! Welcome! I’d show you around but I’m the one who always destroys shit, so I usually get banished to the kids’ table or the laundry room…

  1. Regarding the scene where ET panics at the sight of the agents in suits: I have actually read a science fiction story that revolves around an alien visitor who is horrified by the sight of humans in suits of the suit-and-tie variety, and the protagonist is a linguist who’s called in to try and find out why it panicked and slaughtered an entire podium-full of dignitaries at the ceremony welcoming it to Earth. (“As Wise as Serpents”, by Stephen Dedman; I think it’s out of print, unfortunately.)

    Interesting that the discussion about how to mark the multi-part stories showed up in this particular episode, which I was convinced going in would be the final episode based on how much of the movie was left to get through. I’m not sure where I stand on the question, apart from agreeing that you shouldn’t mark finale episodes, not that you do anyway — except that makes me think of the Jumanji episode, which I knew going in was only one episode because it wasn’t marked as “Part One”. And then again that worked out well, because then we got the dramatic irony of the players speculating about it turning into a multi-part epic. I dunno. I won’t mind too much whatever you decide, I think is what I’m saying.

  2. Just curious… have any of you read the novel that establishes him as, like, a lowly botanists helper. It’s phenomenal. I choose to believe that, yes, you all know it well and have chosen this departure from the established canon intentionally to be able to delight and surprise the audience, as you always always do.

    Toy Soldiers next please?

    1. I actually did check out the Book of the Green Planet in prep for this episode and it is good. But it didn’t make it into my canon because it doesn’t help to account for the specific actions of the aliens in the movie. I won’t delve into my choices to not spoil future episodes, but my world-building for this movie was built off explaining what happens in the film, which at first doesn’t seem to make sense when you think about it carefully.

      1. Called it! I figured you had, in fact, done your homework (as always) and chose to play a better, more entertaining way. And you do not disappoint, G.M.

        Play on yawl. Play on.
        (Oh, and ironically for your Oz show, I was introduced to you guys by someone who lives in Kansas.)

  3. Is Pitr from the western suburbs of Chicago? Naperville, Downers Grove… I grew up around Glen Ellyn and Wheaton, so for a minute I thought ET was so powerful he transported the movie into Chicagoland. ET, SoOoccer MoOom (still on par with galactic conqueror imo).

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