2 thoughts on “Ep 7: Frozen (Part 3)”

  1. I’d love to see the sheets you’ve built for these characters! Is there a way they can be hosted online somewhere?

  2. Hello!

    As per request (although not via email), I would like to tell you that I got intrigued by the movie AFTER listening to your podcast. While I do get some of its appeal, Disney was never much into my liking. Hereby I would like to inform you, that to this guy you were much better then Frozen :D.

    Before anyone will ask questions like “under what rock was I living to miss it?!”… I was not particularly enchanted by Disney; neither as a child nor now as an almost adult. Combination of being nerdy Star Trek & hard Sci-Fi kid and red-green colour-blindness that probably factored immensely to my thinking of cartoons as actually blander then real life action movies.

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