Ep 14: The Wizard of Oz (Part 3)

The Wizard of Oz epic continues! Pitr feeds a cat! Andy goes down some stairs! Jon visits a library! Joz rains dragon fire mercilessly upon the armies of Oz.

Jocelyn Vammer – Dorothy

Jon Miller – Tin Man

Pitr Strait – Scarecrow

Andy Hoover – Lion

Paulo Quiros – DM

11 thoughts on “Ep 14: The Wizard of Oz (Part 3)”

  1. That was great! Thank you, was feeling down and it really made my morning better seeing this on here. I still think Frozen was my favorite campaign so far but this is a close second.

  2. This is incredible! I’m so happy it’s out.

    I don’t speak for everyone (or do I?! No, no, I don’t) but I certainly do not mind that the Wizard of Oz is longer than other movies. This being its own mini-campaign at this point is fascinating and I am enjoying being along for the ride.

    1. Very thoroughly agreed.

      I have no doubt that you already have enough campaign ideas, but it occurred to me during this podcast that Shrek would make a good campaign.

      What was the lost campaign?

      1. Lost episode was Die Hard. We had fun in the room, but it was pretty slow and tactical and kind of depended on looking at the maps. It would have been a really boring episode. We’ll do Die Hard again some time. We were just figuring out how the show worked at that point.

    2. Thoroughly agreed. I would actually like to see more movies following this structure of open-world freedom for the players.

      Paolo, is there a particular update schedule you guys are aiming for (Weekly, bi-weekly, etc.), or is it more “when it’s done”? Obviously we want as much content as you guys can give us, but don’t overwhelm yourselves! If you guys aren’t having fun, we won’t be able to have fun.

      Finally, have you guys thought about a voluntary Patreon? I’ve never backed anyone before, but I would throw money at you guys if it helped get more episodes!

      1. Currently on a “when it’s done” schedule. Working to hopefully be bi-weekly if we can.

        Thank you, Tim! We are sorting out the legalese, and will set up a Patreon soon.

  3. It is clear that you are going off of Rick Polito’s famous 1988 TV listing:
    “Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first person
    she meets, then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again.”

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