Meet the Team

Paulo Quiros is an actor. He’s done a ton of theater and a heaping handful of movies, and sometimes he’s on your tv. The Film Reroll was his stupid idea, so direct all your anger at him. It was created to fulfill his burning desire to do silly voices with his friends. He titled the show “Film Reroll” because the name Mystery Science Theater 3000 was already taken.

Pitr Strait is a director. He’s been playing RPGs with an incomplete knowledge of the rules since he was 10. Someday he’ll be recognized for the brilliant voice actor and flawless impressionist he truly is, but in the meantime he’s happy simply to yell at his friends all day and then spend sleepless nights wondering why they’re still friends with him.

Andy Hoover is a Brooklyn-based writer and game designer. He loves movies and pretending to be other people and the crisp jumbled clatter of rolling dice so this particular podcast is right up all sorts of personal alleys. He doesn’t have a website. His Twitter account has seen exactly zero activity for well over a thousand days, and features Ness from Super Smash Brothers as its avatar: two reliable indications that he does not understand what Twitter is for, and is bad at it. He can be seen wandering the streets.

Jon Miller isn’t involved in theater.  His voice acting is second-rate.  He doesn’t have a website.  Or a twitter.  Or a facebook.  Pitr is not at all convinced he’s even human.  He has, however, actually bothered to read the rules of a role playing game, once, and everyone else has decided to keep up the pretense that we aren’t just making this all up as we go along.  He’s like a rules-lawyer-for-show, only he flunked rules-law school.  A rules-paralegal?
Joz Vammer Walk in. Fuck shit up. Walk out.
Sometimes I make stuff.