9 thoughts on “Ep 19: Stand By Me (Part 2)”

  1. Can we talk about how many critical fails you guys had this episode? Most listeners probably don’t care but there’s like a 2% chance of getting one in gurps. Especially funny since it’s such a down-to-earth story compared to what you guys usually do.

  2. I just discovered your show and I marathoned all your episodes in six days. Now I have to wait for episodes and it is such a grueling wait. Keep up the great work guys and hanks for all the free entertainment.

  3. I wish you would do some of these movies if you do you have a long time subscriber, fan, promoter, and donator Jurassic Park, The Running Man, Cabin in the woods, Hellraiser, Nightmare on elm Street, The Goonies, The Lost Boys. Im all about them 80’s Feel

  4. I am not sure if the suggestion of ‘Face-Off’ for an episode is either terribly brilliant or wonderfully awful. Perhaps both. 🙂

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