17 thoughts on “Ep 20: Jumanji”

  1. So we have potential reroll sequels to speed, Halloween, and now Jumanji. The film reroll movie canon is the best. Can’t wait to listen to you guys break some more movies.

    1. Also Raiders of the Lost Ark. And they didn’t completely rule out Wizard of Oz (though I don’t think that one is very likely).

      1. Oh I forgot about lost ark. Since temple of doom is a prequel though, it won’t matter much for starting points sake. If they decide to go straight for last crusade (or a custom sequel similar to what they mentioned for Halloween) that would be interesting, I really want to see post spirit bombed earth played out.

  2. This episode was a hot mess in all the best ways. Thank you so much for brightening my day, and thank you Paulo for inspiring me to be a better GM!

  3. I think the first time Alan and Sarah play the game, Sarah ends up being on the meds because of what happened when they played it with the bats and stuff, and she’s such a logical person that she refused to let herself believe what really happened. And she knows why and where Alan is but has to pretend she doesn’t because no one would believe her about the game, but she can’t make them play too because it would be disasterous. And so when Alan and Sarah go back in time towards the end, they remember what happened and it’s a different reality. The kids don’t remember because it’s a different reality and they haven’t been born yet. In this reality, they never played the game. I don’t know if that makes sense, but that is how I see it.

  4. At the end of the movie, Sarah mentions that she’s loosing the feeling of being an adult, not that she’s loosing her memories of what happened. So I think the events stay with them, but the feelings that developed between her and Alan were being lost, as they were “adult feelings”. Obviously, they were able to rekindle those feelings as they grew up together, but didn’t loose the memories.
    Also, the question was posed “if it were somehow possible, would you as an adult want to kiss your childhood crush with them being as you remember them”, but I don’t feel like that really covers the situation. Sarah is also in the body of a child, with some of the childishness coming back to her. In fact, she’s almost entirely child at that point, so I don’t feel like that was a weird encounter at all.

  5. I work at a little independent theater and talk about movies almost constantly. Love the new spin you put on movies because it always answers every movie fanatics question “What would of have happened if they did “X”?” This one is freaking Hilarious can’t wait for a Jumanji 2 if you do end up doing that. I was every Drunk Alan line was spoken

  6. You guys are a classic adventure party

    Joz-The Juggernaut, one anagram sums it all up DPS
    Andy-Paladin, he heals my soul
    Pitr-Rogue, he sticks to the shadows but comes out swinging with extra flanking hilarity damage
    Jon- Mage, You’re not sure why he’s there until he blows all the shit up with paradoxes and axes

  7. Just listened to this podcast for the first time. I am absolutely a fan. Thank you for everything you do.

  8. Tried this podcast from a suggestion on Reddit and started with this episode. It was freaking great. I have never laughed so much at a podcast, and I have huge respect for the GM doing ask the work creating a campaign that felt like it fit right into the movie universe. I could believe all of those spaces happening on a jumanji board.

    Quick suggestion for part 2: if you assume the board can actively work against the players it may be modifying the dice rolls lower. To stimulate this instead of 2d6 you could have the players roll 1d6 and 1d4. It would slightly lower the average roll while still keeping the odds of doubles the same.

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