11 thoughts on “Ep 27: Alien (Part 2)”

  1. You might be able to hear the Alien’s screams while it’s still in the airflow. But the sounds coming back through the outflow will be interesting ☺

    Thank you for the great episodes! I enjoyed them a lot!

    And I enjoy listening to Gurps-Games a lot! (evokes lots of wonderful memories)

  2. Love the series, you guys are hilarious to listen to! A good explanation for the tech deficiency of the original film is to remember that the original film wasn’t about space explorers, it was about space TRUCKERS. These guys aren’t supposed to be landing or responding to emergencies; it’s like a tugboat with a diving bell being tasked to see what is making language noises from the bottom of the ocean. They simply didn’t have any of the relevant tech available to them – why would space truckers need medical evac equipment for a hostile atmosphere environment? Same reason they need high quality two-way audio visual link to each suit – they don’t need it, and that is expensive, so you don’t have it. There’s stuff about, and decent engineers, so they rigged up a motion sensor from an atmospheric density module of some sort (you guys missed that! would have helped with the hallucinations, huh?). This is very likely a guy with knowledge of how an existing tech works, using a similar device to get a working result, but they only get basic audio feedback as if it’s tapped directly to a response circuit, instead of the fancy screens and digital distances we got with the military grade motion trackers in the sequel.

  3. I loved the suspense of the episode, but was slightly disappointed on the alien doing nothing until the end. I know the dice decide, but I wanted a bit of gore (much like the Halloween’s episode).

  4. Both alien episodes i expected someone to say to or about ripley…”believe it or not.” A couple of times it sounded as though someone was on the cusp if saying it. Not disappointed just surprised.

  5. This was my favorite episode, second only to Jaws. I love it when the players have the flexibility to try creative solutions. Great GMing, Andy!

  6. Come on, guys! We love your work and have been waiting for so long for the next episode! I’m checking the page several times each day to see if your next episode is up! Please don’t keep us waiting for much longer!

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