Ep 31: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Part 2)

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure is still totally going, dude! It’s totally amazing! And also kinda bogus at times. But mostly amazing!

Jocelyn Vammer – Bill S. Preston Esq.

Scott Aiello – Ted “Theodore” Logan

Paulo Quiros – DM

4 thoughts on “Ep 31: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Part 2)”

  1. A truly excellent adventure! I had a great time listening. At the end, I think you should have made Socrates their manager though. That would have been most triumphant!

  2. I was surprised to find that this reroll was one of my favorites yet. Truly a blast to listen to! Would Paulo be opposed to sharing some stats and GM experiences for this game on The Dice Blog? I’d love to learn a little more about the mechanics and how you were able to roll with the punches of such a wild and most excellent adventure!

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