11 thoughts on “Ep 10: Jaws (Part 2)”

  1. Not a cancer doctor, but working in an oncological center documenting our cases digitally. Nearly died with suppressed laughter while listening to this at work. Luckily, the only one who saw me was our intern.

  2. This is my favorite episode. I really did not expect how tense the show could get! I am all caught up and now the wait between episodes is eternal…

    1. Definitely. Not in the immediate future; I think it would take us like 15 episodes to get through it. But it’s something we want to tackle.

      1. Are you familiar with DM of the Rings? If not, you should definitely check it out if you guys ever end up doing Lord of the Rings for Film Reroll. It’s a webcomic that re-imagines LotR as a DM running a group of stereotypically greedy and power-hungry players through a D&D campaign.


        It’s a bit long (150+ “episodes”), but I found it quite funny.

  3. god i love this podcast i hope you are going to do more gurps/film adaptions’ pure genius .i second tonya sugestion of alien/aliens and how about aliens vs predator i would love to hear how you lot would make it better. thanks for a great show.

  4. A little late to the podcast but just listened to this episode. Not a cancer doctor, but I am a cancer pharmacist. Loved the ASCO plug at the end!

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